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It is my Purpose, through my CR Foundation, to help  Educate  regarding the last 5 remaining species of Rhino  left on this earth (as well as other  Wildlife & Endangered Species),  to help  Raise Funds  for Rhinos and Rhino Awareness &  Conservation  in order to help  Protect Rhinos,  and to  Involve & Inspire others  to help in any way they want or can! . . . We also Raise Awareness & Funds re: general Animal Welfare & Rights Issues  (i.e. Domestic, Farm, Lab  and  "Entertainment" Animals)  and even some Human Issues  (especially: Children's & Adoption,  but also:  Elderly, Indigenous Peoples  and  Environmental, Etc.) . . . A major focus of my Education & Advocacy work is re: the  Link®  between:  Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse  &  All forms of Violence!    ] :<)

I plan to do this in a couple of ways:
1)  Cosmic Rhino Rangers:  This is a branching Sector / Website dedicated to the Education  aspect of the  Cosmic Rhino Foundation ~ Individuals like yourself are able to be sworn in as part of the Elite & Special Force known as the  "Cosmic Rhino Rangers."  You  Pledge  to  learn about  Rhinos  &  Other Wildlife / Animals  and  are able to do your part to help,  such as  Signing Petitions,  Taking Actions  (i.e. Sending E-Letters),  Involving others,  Posting Information & Actions, etc. . . . There is an Annual Cosmic Rhino Rangers Award granted to the most impactful Ranger each year!
2) Cosmic Rhino Gifts:  This is the second branching Sector / Website.  This one is dedicated to  Raising Funds  for the  International Rhino Foundation  (and other Rhino Organizatons working in Rhino Protection & Conservation) . . . It is essentially a "Gift Shop"  where people can at the same time  get  a Gift  & give a Gift  by automatically making a contribution to various Organizations ~  There are  2 separate Collections: 
Signature Collection  of which  100% of ALL Profits go right back into Rhino Awareness & Advocacy (incl. Educating & Involving Others in Rhino Protection & Conservation)  and  a  . . .
General Collection  of which  10% of all Profits  go to  other Various Charities & Organizations  (i.e. Children's / Family / Adoption / Education / Healthcare,  Elderly,  Indiginous Peoples,  Pets & Animals,  etc.),  incl.  the  ASPCAAmerican Humane (Link®),  Etc.

About the Rhinos ~


The last 5 species of Rhino left on this Earth:



























































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