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Did you know that the RHINO  is one of the animals though to be the inspiration for the Legend of the UNICORN!? . . . It makes sense if you think about the fact that the Rhino belongs to the same family as the Horse  (another Inspiration for the Unicorn  ~  and the one most usually depicted in pictures & literature) . . . Unlike the Horse,  however,  there is actually an Asian Species of Rhino in India called the Greater One-Horned Rhino  (also known as the Indian Rhino)  and with  the  Scientific  or   Latin Name:   Rhinoceros Unicornis 


Did you also know that Rhinos were actually INDIGINOUS to the AMERICAN CONTINENT before they migrated across the land-bridge    to Asia & Africa (the only places they can be found now) and became EXTINCT HERE on the AMERICAN CONTINENT!!?? . . . It's true!!!  ] :<)

The Rhinoceros is an Ancient Creature who has been around and goes back millions of years to the age of the Dinosaurs!!! . . . In fact,  the very hairy Woolly Rhino, seen here at left,  is an Ancestor to our modern-day Rhinos!  l :<)  


There were once dozens of species of Rhino found all over the world!! . . .

Now,  only 5 species remain ~ ALL 5    are critically ENDANGERED!!! . . . If we do nothing immediately, the last 5 species of Rhino left on Earth will be Extinct within the next 10 years!!! . . .  



According to Ancient Belief & Teachings among all the various Native Cultures  (incl. American, Asian, African,  Aboriginal, Australian, Norse, Celtic, Etc.)  each Animal is associated with a Gift (or Medicine);     The Rhino/Unicorn is Guardian of Ancient Wisdom . . .

Rhino's Gift reminds us to tread gently on the Earth &    to Respect All Life! . . . The Rhino is truly an Ancient & Noble Being ~ It would be a real tragedy, indeed, if   we allowed the Rhino go the way of the Unicorn and become just a Legend, as well,  don't you think!? . . .


The Ancient Belief Systems of the world also tell us that we are each born with a  Spirit or Totem Animal  who  Guides us throughout our Life . . .

My Purpose & what I most want to do is to Honour & Share the Gift of the Rhino  ~ i.e. Educate & Advocate on behalf of Rhinos (and other Endangered Species,      & general Wildlife Issues), as well as: Domestic, Farm, Lab & "Entertainment" Animal Rights & Welfare . . . And, as the Rhino's Gift reminds us to Respect ALL Life, I also work on some Human Issues,  especially: Children's & Adoption,  but also: Elderly, Indigenous Peoples and  Environmental, Etc.) . . . A major focus of my Education & Advocacy work is re: the  Link®  between:  Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse  &  All forms of Violence . . . and, of course, Promoting Equality & Respect for All Life  ~  Conservation will then naturally follow! . . . ] :<) 


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